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Our services
for non-profits

We are ready to help you in many areas related to Salesforce implementation, development, or CRM systems in general. We have worked with dozens of non-profits and speak your language.

Contact us to learn more about our services and let’s discuss how we can make your life easier:

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Set-Up

Salesforce platform offers amazing flexibility and functionality. Anyhow, it’s difficult for most organizations to understand all the options, necessary steps, and configurations. We will guide you through the process, customize the ngopack/NPSP according to your needs and do all the installation and initial setup.


Consulting and Advisory

Our Salesforce-certified experts can help you with a strategic review of your needs, evaluating and choosing the right solutions for integrating your systems, optimizing existing technology, workflows, and processes, or resolving any other issue you might have. 


Marketing Automation

Automation saves time and costs. It also allows you to create the right journey for every type of donor or supporter. Together with you we’ll analyze your processes and design those that should be automated. Then we’ll do all the programming, implementation, and testing.


Salesforce Custom Implementation
and Development

Do you think that your situation is complex and pre-built apps and packages won’t work for you? We can develop a solution tailored exactly to your needs. Through custom programming, we can create sophisticated workflows, integrate other databases and systems, develop new apps and features, etc.


Ongoing Support and Training

Custom training for end-users and administrators is an important part of every implementation. On top of that, we can prepare tailored training that targets the issues you struggle with. We provide ongoing support to all our clients and guarantee regular updates and development of the ngopack’s apps.


Virtual Administration

We can even be your virtual system administrator if you want to concentrate on fundraising and outsource the technical stuff.  We'll take care of regular system maintenance, data quality control and other activities to ensure that your CRM run smoothly.

Are you new to the Salesforce universe?

We will guide you through every step of the whole implementation process. We’ll set up ngopack for you and fine-tune it according to your needs. You’ll get all your data and workflows under control in one platform. On top of that, you’ll gain access to all must-have apps for your fundraising. We’ll train your people and provide you with continuous support. 


Do you think that your situation and requirements are unique and pre-build package is not for you? No problem. We are here to develop a customized Salesforce solution that fulfills all your needs however sophisticated they are.    

Using Salesforce already?  

Have you implemented Salesforce some time ago and now intend to go further? Do you need to introduce new workflows and marketing automation, improve lead gen integration or develop new reporting features? Or do you even plan to completely rethink your current setup? Let’s discuss what we can do for you.   

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